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Emergency Vehicle

Emergency Vehicle

The whole machine introduction:
The rescue vehicle is equipped with a highly maneuverable and cross-country Eastern Warrior off-road vehicle. It integrates bulldozing, tamping, lifting, shearing and digging. The equipment is a multi-functional road breaking equipment with intelligent control and information transmission function, which can quickly change the working device, through high mobility and integrated rescue functions, when the road is damaged by disaster or non-road travel.
It can quickly open up the road and realize the emergency passage of the rescue team. It is also possible to arrive at the disaster site for the first time and carry out rescue operations.
Structural features:
1. The vehicle is equipped with a bulldozer, hydraulic shears, hydraulic breakers, hydraulic shovel, buckets, a variety of face-breaking equipment, can complete a variety of functions of bulldozing, shearing, demolition, compaction, excavation and lifting, to achieve a The car is used more.
2. The rear excavator is equipped with a working device quick-change joint, which can remotely switch the working device.