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Tool Robot

Tool robot

The whole machine introduction:
As the name implies, the intelligent tool robot is a robot that can freely integrate various tools and equipment functions. Generally speaking, it is a small workshop that can move freely.
It has changed the traditional way of maintenance, assembly, production line logistics and other aspects, relying solely on human resources to organize production activities, integrated lifting and inserting functions, modular assembly of power generation, welding, milling, fitter, electrician and other functions, layout There are 9 types of 172 sensors. The company can also carry out intelligent upgrades and transformations according to customer needs. It adopts aerospace intelligent micro-control system, which can complete a variety of operations independently, and human-machine cooperation can also get more functions and extensions.
Machine performance:
The fire-fighting robot can carry fire-fighting devices such as fire-fighting devices, smoke-proof breathing devices, and life search, and has the functions of automatic walking and remote control operations. The equipment itself has the characteristics of fire prevention and high temperature resistance.