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Job Responsibilities.
1、To complete the reporting of monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements to the parent group.
2、Complete the summary and reporting of enterprise basic materials.
3、Complete the summary and comprehensive analysis of reports.
4、Organize the completion of the annual budget and final accounts.
5、Carefully review various expense documents, whether the signatures of the managers and leaders are complete and complete, and whether the expenses are within the prescribed standards.
6, the receipt of expense documents in a timely manner to fill out the bookkeeping voucher, the amount and summary is clear, in accordance with the provisions of the separation of departments and the accounting items of each expense.
7.Daily reconciliation of bank accounts and bank deposit journal balances, adjustment of outstanding items and preparation of bank deposit balance reconciliation at the end of the month.
8、Responsible for reviewing the consistency, completeness and authenticity of original vouchers and bookkeeping vouchers, and instructing relevant personnel to identify the causes and correct the processing of unqualified bookkeeping vouchers.
9、Responsible for auditing various ledgers, general ledgers and accounting reports and reconciling them with each other.
10. review of tax returns and other relevant incentive and exemption items.
11、Providing various financial data.
12、Copy and print relevant documents and information.
13、Complete the other work assigned by the leadership.

Tenure Requirements.
1、Bachelor degree or above in accounting.
2、Familiar with national accounting-related regulations and policies and able to apply them practically.
3、Ability to use financial software, office software.
4、Be honest and reliable, have a high sense of work responsibility, hardworking and hardy.
5、Strong learning ability, able to adapt to overtime and short-term travel.
5、Experience in statement accounting and those who have obtained the accounting title of junior or above are preferred.